Our firm is comprised of professionals characterized by their commitment to provide valuable and effective results, backed by extensive experience in the field and a constant update within their field of action.

We distinguish ourselves by our business culture fostered through complementary training programs and exchanges at national and international level, in order to update ourselves and learn about the various trends in the business world

Juan Antonio Cedillo Ríos

Founding Partner

Mauricio Guzmán Gonzalez

Managing Partner

Daniel Pereyra Escamilla

Audit Partner

Mario Eloy Gutiérrez Castillo

Audit & Consulting Partner

Sergio Montes Cárdenas

Audit Partner

Gustavo Antonio Pérez Rios

Tax Partner

Flavio Cera Menchaca

Foreign Trade Partner

Guillermo Hernán Treviño Wong

Audit & Consulting Partner

Ma. del Socorro Treviño Elizondo

Legal Partner

Lilia Araceli Alvarado Contreras

Accounting Services Partner

José Fracisco Barrera Guzmán

Consulting Partner

Héctor Matuk Nuñez

Consulting Partner

Hector Treviño Wong

Consulting Partner

Manuel García García

Consulting Partner